php|works speakers

As people going to the php|works sessions will tell you, there are a lot of good speakers here. Speakers that really know what they’re talking about and have been involved in their subject for quite some time. You know; the kind of people that you as a developer really want to emulate. But I’ve noticed something that makes me really happy, and that is that the speakers are also attending other people’s talks, listening and asking questions. It’s nice to see because it shows that no matter how much the speakers know about their subject, there’s always something new to learn and they’re not so pretentious that they think they know it all.

Hope for us all yet, eh?

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Is this what being starstruck feels like?

Right now I’m sitting at a table with the likes of Cal Evans, Ben Ramsey, Sara Goleman, and Derick Rethans – all big players in the PHP world. And here I am, lowly ol’ me who does a bit of PHP at work. Wow. I feel a little starstruck (in a geeky kinda way), I have to admit!

OK, to be honest, I’m not saying anything, but, hey! I’m here. It’s a start. 😉

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Today I’m flying to Atlanta for the php|works conference. I am really looking forward to this as there seem to be quite a number of good talks – so many, in fact, that I had a hard time deciding which tracks to attend.

As part of this conference package I also had the opportunity to do the Professional PHP online course run by php|architect. I enjoyed that, and learned a fair bit, so I’m hopeful for the conference. 🙂

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