First “proper” thing made with a hammer and anvil

On this past weekend the family and I went camping with a few friends, and a lovely time was had by all (despite a couple bee stings and a bad face-plant by someone into a pavement). While taking down the tent we realised that our tent peg puller was a little weak and we even struggled with it to pull a couple of the tougher pegs.

This seemed like an opportunity for improvement and an excuse to make something in the forge!

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HTPC build!

A while ago my wife asked me if it were possible to remove all the DVDs we had on a couple shelves and put them in the loft and ‘somehow’ put them on to the computer so we could watch the movies…  naturally my mind went straight to building or buying a media centre/HTPC.  After looking around I found some nice small systems, such as the systems by Acer or Zotac.  However, they either didn’t come with a blu-ray player, or didn’t have room in the case to add to in the future (such as adding a tv tuner card or similar).  So after a long while, I finally decided I may as well just build the darned thing!  (OK, so it wasn’t much of a push that I needed to buy lots of computer components and build a new PC…)
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