Simple Halloween prop

OK, so it looks like I haven’t done anything for ages, but I have, I promise! It’s just that I suck at remembering to post about it after, even though I have all the best intentions to do so. Intentions will only take you so far, though, so let’s get on with a post of something that was whipped up for Halloween.

Blinky, the super easy Halloween prop

For Halloween we had an idea to have eyes in the hedges that would glow and blink so that the trick-or-treaters would feel watched. We had to make this on a super-low budget and we don’t have anything fancy like a 3D printer (I’m open to donations if anyone wants to give me their old 3D printer… just sayin’!) The result (apologies for the shoddy camera work) looks something like this:

And here’s how it was made…

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