QrCode view helper

You see QrCodes popping up every now and again on sites, in publications and the like. I think they can be a very handy way for people with cameras on their phones to get a url or other content on to their phone very easily. (I’m thinking more about those people without iPhones or full keyboards, of course!)

If you’ve never seen a QrCode before, it looks something like this:

QR Code image

Now how cool would it be to be able to generate that automatically for each page on your site and allow people to be able bookmark that site on their phone? Well, I think it’d be pretty cool! So I came up with a very simple ZF view helper to do it for me.

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Zend Framework hidden gems

Sometimes you come across hidden little gems in the Zend Framework that save you time, even if that’s just down to the amount of text you need to type. The Zend_View holds one of these little gems…

Did you know that you can use the short php open tags and echo tag in your view scripts, and you don’t even need to have this turned on in the php.ini file?

So you can have things like:

<? $this->viewHelper(); ?>


<?= $this->variable; ?>

instead of:

<?php $this->viewHelper(); ?>
<?php echo $this->variable; ?>

Might not seem a lot, but when you have a lot of view scripts to write then you can save quite a few key strokes.

It’s able to do this, even if you have short_tags off (as it should be!) because Zend_View uses a stream to open and seek through the view script – Zend_View_Stream.

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