First attempt at a kiridashi

A kiridashi is a small Japanese knife with a chisel grind and sharp point and it used as a utility knife, scoring or carving.

I had some really rusty angle iron kicking around still, so I thought I’d get in a little practice. Unfortunately I still have no forge, so couldn’t try to smith the shape so I went with stock removal – it was good practice on using the angle grinder and hand sanding the

Now, this probably isn’t great metal for making a knife – it’s certainly quite thing and probably doesn’t have enough carbon to hold an edge (and I’m not very adept yet at the ol’ spark test to really be able to tell), but I’m pretty happy with the result (even if it didn’t hold it’s edge for too long!)

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Homemade headphone hook

Sometimes it’s nice to get out from in front of the monitor and coding and make something in the garage.

One thing I really wanted was a headphone stand because I was tired of leaving my headphones on my desk only for the darned things to get in the way. But then it struck me; I am trying to learn a few blacksmithing techniques so why not just make something?!

Oh yeah, that’s right, my homemade forge broke and I haven’t fixed it yet.

But, wait a moment… I have a blow torch, an angle grinder, and some really rusty angle iron from when I tore down my old and knackered garage door. Surely I can do something with that, right?… Right?

Turns out that, yes. Yes, I can!

OK, not the snazziest thing in the world, but it fits my needs absolutely perfectly, has a nice ‘rustic’ look to it, and is ideal for my HyperX headset.

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First blacksmithing session

I had my first blacksmithing session last week, and it was probably the most fun I’ve had with a hammer and metal in… well, I’m too old now to remember how long ago things were. But a long time, let me tell you.

At first I learned how to draw down to a square point, and then built on that to make a rounded point. After I did those, I created a square-pointed scroll and then fish-tailed scroll.

OK, so artistically I’m never really going to do wonders (I’ll be the first to admit I’m not exactly talented in the artistic department!) But I could really get to like doing the occasional bit of smithing and can’t wait to get my anvil and forge set up and buy some hammers and metal stock to practise.

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