Email address being used to spam

Some little *insert a whole stream of expletives* has used my email address as the sender of a lot of spam.  I know this because opening my email box today resulted in no less than 400 failure notices, undelivered notices, auto replies and bounce messages.

Needless to say; I was not the one sending you spam!

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Damn hackers.

Someone exploited a hole in the version of WordPress that I Was using and managed to destroy my last post about automatically creating model for your Zend Framework app. Unfortunately, I just don’t think I have a recent backup of the database around so might not be able to recover it easily.

This has forced me, of course, to update my version of WordPress. Along with that I’ve had to change my theme, which has also meant I’ve had to remove a few pages because they relied on widgets specific to that theme. This all means that this blog is now in a state of flux, so thanks for your patience while I spend a while fixing things back up (which, knowing me, will take months!!)

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