Pointless error message

Just ran a bit of SQL on Oracle and this was the oh-so helpful error message I got back:

Warning: ociexecute() [function.ociexecute]: OCIStmtExecute: ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected BINARY got BINARY

So you’re expecting a binary value and what you got was a binary value, but that’s inconsistent with the binary value you were expecting to be binary?!

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PHP Team Development book review

Book coverSo I’ve finally finished the book!  OK, I finished it a couple weeks ago but haven’t had a chance to post up a review yet.  Of course, I had every intention of finishing it a lot earlier considering I was flying for nine hours to the States and then another few hours on to Mexico – and the journey back again! – but that really was just wishful considering I was travelling with my two year old son.  Oh well! 🙂

On with the book review…

The book, as the title makes it plainly obvious, is about developing your team in relation to working with PHP.  It’s aimed at, well, pretty much anyone who has an interest in developing or working in a team, be it managers who need to set up and manage teams or developers working within a team who want to improve their work flow and procedures, or anyone in between.  It does this by giving an overview on several subjects, but doesn’t go as far as to tell you that you must do x, y or z.  This is understandable, though, as every team is different and the book acknowledges this.

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