Dreamhost and procmail – parsing your mail with a script

I have a Dreamhost account and have done for some while. Typically I’m happy with their service, but yesterday was the first real frustration I had with them. I wanted to use procmail to send email to a script for processing. I was sure I had done this before on Dreamhost, but couldn’t seem to get it to work in the wee hours of the night. So after a quick email to support asking if it was possible, they came back with this response:

Unfortunately this is not possible. We do
not offer or support any type of email to script functionality on our

And this pretty much backed up all the searches I had been doing on line in regards to Dreamhost and using procmail.

Now, where they may not support people doing this, it is my pleasure to tell you that it is possible! And here’s how you do it…
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