Cleaning up my anvil

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The anvil I was given for my birthday is wonderful, but was really rusty. Not knowing the best way to clean it up I hit a very popular smithing forum called I Forge Iron. The people on there were nothing but friendly and helpful and gave really good advice about my ol’ girl and how to clean her up.

All it took was an angle grinder and a twisted wire cup. Unfortunately when doing this was the exact time my 4″ grinder decided it no longer wanted to live in this world and span its last disc. Thankfully I also got a 9″ grinder for my birthday (thanks, dad!) and so set about cleaning up the anvil.

I think you’ll see that the results speak for themselves…

She’s a thing of beauty, eh? Apparently she’s a Birmingham pattern anvil (hence no step at the base of the horn) and would have been more popular with farriers. I don’t know the manufacturing company nor do I know the weight (I just know both my brother and I lifting together struggled a bit to get it in the back of the car!). There’s only possible identification mark and that’s a ‘G’ stamped on the edge of the base. No idea what it means, though.


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