First “proper” thing made with a hammer and anvil

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On this past weekend the family and I went camping with a few friends, and a lovely time was had by all (despite a couple bee stings and a bad face-plant by someone into a pavement). While taking down the tent we realised that our tent peg puller was a little weak and we even struggled with it to pull a couple of the tougher pegs.

This seemed like an opportunity for improvement and an excuse to make something in the forge!

So for my first “proper” thing to make using blacksmithing techniques, I made a tent peg puller. A big, sturdy, tent peg puller.

It doesn’t look incredibly complex, but, hey; I’ve been doing blacksmithing for all of three hours before I made this. But I’m quite happy with it. Have to admit, though, that when I was working on the handle I never thought I’d be able to get it in shape as the first picture here helps to show!


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