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I use GitHub on a daily basis and for the most part it works for me. However, part of my day-to-day is to conduct code reviews and quite often they are reviews with quite a number of files.

Now, it may be a sign of my age or the fact that I just can’t retain any knowledge whatsoever, but when I write a comment on a GitHub pull request and shrink the file up so the changes are hidden, but the time I get to the end of the review and want to assess my comments one last time I just cannot remember on which files I made comments!

So I introduce to you the amazingly imaginatively titled, ‘GitHub PR Comment Indicator’ for Chrome and Firefox!

It does this on your pull requests if there is a comment on a file:

You can get it from the Chrome Web Store of the Firefox Add-on store. And if you fancy fixing any bugs, you can fork and do a PR on the project’s repo on GitHub.


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