Dreamhost and procmail – parsing your mail with a script

I have a Dreamhost account and have done for some while. Typically I’m happy with their service, but yesterday was the first real frustration I had with them. I wanted to use procmail to send email to a script for processing. I was sure I had done this before on Dreamhost, but couldn’t seem to […]

Using CSS3 sucks (right now, but I’m sure it’ll get better)

Am I the only one to think that using a number of aspects of CSS3 right now really sucks? The potential it offers is great, but does anyone really think doing something like this for a gradient is a productive use of time? Once upon a time, not that long ago, the trend setters/leaders of […]

Keeping Zend Studio’s version of Zend Framework in sync with Zend Server CE (on Windows)

Today I updated my install Zend Server CE.  I have to say that the ease of installing PHP, Apache and MySQL with Zend Server CE is amazing, and then configuring PHP’s extensions and directives with the provided interface is simply a dream!  (Really wish I could afford the full Zend Server, but that’s another matter…) […]