Major new version of the PHP OPCache GUI

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I have just released a major new version of my OPCache GUI! It looks pretty much the same, but here are the more notable changes:

  • New namespace for the base service class which ensure composer compatibility
  • You can now paginate the cached files list to make it easier to render a large file list
  • Any scripts that have been preloaded are displayed in a tab
  • Any file paths ignored are displayed in a tab
  • You can now invalidate all the files matching a search in one go
  • jQuery has been removed; the whole interface is now using ReactJS and more modern javascript (so only modern browsers)
  • The CSS is now using SASS and is now much easier to change all the colours of the interface as you wish
  • SVGs are now used for any icons or gauge graphs
  • A more responsive interface when the ‘enable real-time’ is activated
  • Build script added to compile the ReactJS and SASS and put them into the single, simple, gui script

I started this interface to fill a need once to see what was in the cache, but now according to it’s had over 680K installs! If you’re one of the people that’s installed it; many thanks!

And as with everything I have on GitHub (including my gists); if you see any problems, or think you can make it better, please feel free to drop a pull request.


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