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I’ve only recently come across Wails; a really great solution to creating desktop applications using web technologies and the Go language.

It allows you to rapidly create applications that are cross-platform, using your favourite front-end framework (Svelte, React, etc.) or vanilla js which communicates with a Go backend.

I had never tried anything with Go, nor had I used Svelte before, so thought it was a good opportunity to try both by creating a small application.

And so, my Code Clipper app was born!

This application – available at the code-clipper repo – is basically a personal project for me. I wanted to be able to jot down notes that included code syntax highlighting. As I’m always writing some kind of readme or docblock, naturally markdown is how I generally write my notes. So having that parsed as well was a real driver.

I also wanted the application to automatically add tags that are relevant to the code I’m putting in the notes. Markdown allows you to fence blocks with a language, so seemed perfect to us! Code tags will be automatically taken from fenced code blocks, so if you use:

echo "foo"

It will record the tag bash.

Plus I thought the markdown should also be in charge of the titling of each not. You can define headers in markdown, so why not use the first top-level header as the title? Seems legit to me!

# This will be the title

It’s a very new app, fresh up on GitHub in the wee hours of today… There’s lots that can be improved and new functionality to be added. But for now, I think it’s good enough to share with the world (or at least, those few people in it that might see this blog post or my repo list).

Please feel free to star and fork and suggest improvements – PRs are always welcome!


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