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Following on from me discovering Wails a little while ago, I decided to use it when I realised I had many, many, many thousands of photos scattered around my hard drives, with little to no organisation behind them.

What I really wanted was a simple tool that would allow me to put all of the photos into a folder in a consistent way. I couldn’t really find the tool I wanted online, at least one that was free or didn’t come with a raft of other functionality that I just didn’t need or want. So I made my own.

As I wanted some kind of interface to it, Wails seemed like a very easy choice to make as the framework for the application! So with a little Go and a little ReactJS, the Photo Organiser was created.

You can find the code and built application on GitHub at

In brief, the organiser lets you select multiple starting folders and a destination folder. It gives you some optional filtering (eg, the image must be larger that a certain height, width, or file size, so you can weed out those tiny thumbnails), allows you to be pretty flexible with how you organise them, including using location look-up (thanks to OpenStreetMap APIs), and allows you to copy or move the files.


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