Shorten urls automatically with a Zend Framework filter

I think we can all agree that URL shortening services are great and are very handy to tidy up those long and obnoxious links. However, a lot of the time people simply forget to use them, or often don’t know about them in the first place. I’ve noticed this in a blog system I wrote […]

Quick and easy email encoding view helper

Here’s a quick and easy view helper for Zend Framework that will encode an email address. It will encode just an email address or return a whole mailto link. The encoding is basically the same as in the Smarty template engine. Obviously there’s a lot of room for improvement; javascript encoding, representation as an image, […]

Zend Framework 1.6RC1

If you haven’t heard already, Zend Framework 1.6RC1 is out and has lots of interesting new features. Finally there’s a SOAP component (seemed odd to me to have an enterprise-level framework without it!) There’s also a paginator, XML configs can have attributes, Dojo integration and lots more. It’s been out for about 10 days as […]

Auto generating basic models for a Zend Framework app

Do you have a database with foreign keys and just wish you could have something automatically create your ZF models from it? Well, today that was me. So as a little proof of concept, this is the code I came up with to do it for me… But before we get to that, a few […]

Simple image view helper for Zend Framework

Here’s a simply view helper for the Zend Framework that can be used to display image tags. It checks to see if the image file exists and if not then it’ll use the data url scheme to output a very simple image that, ironically, says ‘NO IMG’ on it. 🙂 Please note, though, that I’ve […]